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Welcome to the Zellertal!

Familie Kirchner and their Entlebucher-Sennenhunde
from the Zellertal / Bavarian Forest / Niederbayern / Bayern
welcomes you!

Trademarked in DHZ-UCI

30 years ago we began with the aim, to breed healthy and good-charactered Entlebuch mountain dogs. The parents are free of HD, PRA-A (Optigen) and tested EU negative.
It is our own concern to observe the regulations of dog-breeding, and to improve the breed.

Unser Haus 

Our dogs live with us on our little ranch and they are a constant companion of the family.
They showed us how to accept new menbers of the family (grandchildren) easily without any problems, and to accept them as a friend and a playfellow. They also accept other animals like our horses, cats, and so on.

The whelps are born inside the house, and depending of the weather they can run out at the age of 4 months, and play with balls, tunnels and other toys.

The unique character of the Entlebuch mountain dog won out over other mountain dogs. We can confirm this by our own experience.

Maybe we aroused your interest and we hope you enjoy our website.
If you have a question feel free to send us a mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to all who provided their photos.