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Personal reports of Entlebuch mountain dog owners


Unfortunately there are still books and people who tell about Entlebuch mountain dogs, even though they don't have any experience at all with breeding and growing up. We appreciate if you write a few lines of your personal experiences with Entlebuch mountain dogs.

Translations of original reports:




Hello Mrs. Kirchner,

Time flies and so fast 6 months are over. On 04.08.2021 THEO moved in with us and has enriched our lives from the first day.
We do not want to miss a second of the last half year, every day anew enchants us the little rascal, meanwhile 22 kg.

The decision for a puppy from Kirchner/Geiger was after the wedding and the birth of our daughter the best and most beautiful in our life.
The affection and bond that THEO shows us, we reciprocate 200%.

Sure it goes up and down especially in the first few months, but love, consistency, structure and patience pay off, important things in my opinion when choosing an Entlebucher.
Through this attitude, which was clear to me from the beginning, THEO has grown up to be an obedient, very teachable, reliable, loving male dog.

Therefore we would like to thank you and your daughter again from the bottom of our hearts that we got the chance and that THEO found his way to us.
Also the whole all-round care before and also up to now deserves a thick praise and looks for his equals.
They are and would be for us in case of repetition definitely the first choice.

Very kind greetings from Berlin
sends family Klann




Dear Kirchner famliy,

since 01/21/2017 Loui enriches our life. He is our first dog and of course everything was new for us. How to handle him, how strict should we be to such a cute whelp etc.

You gave us great and useful hints from the beginning, which we implemented from the first day. We went with Loui to puppy school. It was great for him. He found many new friends which he still meets for playing. He gets compliments for his very good social behaviour. He has developed to a cute and spirited fellow, who is being allowed to be everywere and who wants to be everywhere.

Middle of the year we had a bad bite accident. Loui was attacked by a Italian boarhound, without any reason, and he was badly injured. He had to get an emergency surgery and it lasted a long while until his wounds were healed. His social behaviour did not suffer from this at all, he has a great character. Despite this attack he still loves to play with other dogs.

Loui loves long walks and he enjoys being on our alp in Pinzgau. He loves to search things and he enjoys playing football in the garden. He’s still not a friend of water. He neither goes to our pond nor to the near lakes or rivers.

An Entlebuch is very stable, we learned in the first year of his life. Now he discovers his first winter. Two-digit sub-zero temperatures and a snow mantle is no problem for him. Quite the contrary, he loves the snow and sticks his head into it and sniffles like in a race.

It‘s a big pleasure for us to watch this and be part of it. We trained a few tricks, and he is very fast. Now we have him since one year, and we won’t miss a second of it. He enriches our life in a way we cannot describe. You must live to see. We learn from each other every day.

We’d like to thank you both for entrusting Loui to us. You always had an ear for us and were beside us with your advice.

Thank you again!

Your Wagner family with Loui




Dear Geiger family,

now we have our Entlebuch Max for two years, we'd like to say thank you very much. Max is a cute, brave, adaptive, strong - just a great and cool dog.

Max is our first dog. You told us from the beginning, we should educate him rooted to the soil, just like we want him to have. Goodies do not belong to this way, because in nature there are no googies, too. In practice we did not know how, so we went to a dog grooming school, because we wanted a well educated dog. When Max was half a year old, we checked, that the items which were teached in the school will not work - except beeing a corrupt dog.

Fortunately we met somebody who told us during a few afternoons, how a dog "functions". He told us how to tell a dog what we want him to do. Since this time we do it that way. He learns and he makes it completely without goodies.

For us it is absolutely ordinary to leave him at the wayside, call him anytime, forward him over the fields, by the side or around something, he just does what we tell him - without goodies. He has so much fun in everything that has to been done quickly. So he likes biking, no matter if he just runs aside or if he pulls our bike, so we have a "bio-e-bike". When we need the lead, we must search it, because Max usually goes side by side. So it is really fun to have a dog.

He has all feet on the ground, and when we were not too active, we feeled his excessive energy. But he is not invasive, he is just running around in the garden. But when he has too much energy we just go by bike, then it's okay, too.

Max is always with us, actually he is never alone. He can be alone, no problem for him. But his daily routine is like we said, in the forenoon he is in the workshop, and here he can be inside or outside, but he knows he is not allowed to go outside into the open area. Mostly he sits in the open trunk, at least now in warmer days. So he has the overview who comes and goes, and in the meanwhile he visits my husband. In the afternoon he is at home, and we go into the forest and the mountains.

Actually we cannot write exactly, how excited we are about Max. You might witness this for one day. On the other side at home he is calm and even-tempered and outside he is fully present. For us just the right one. People speak to us what great dog we have.

Once more thank you for everything! Nice greetings from all of us, a good time for you and all your animals.

Karg family with Max




Dear Kirchner family,

in April 16th of 2016 we brought our Entlebuch home from Zellertal. Since this time nothing is like before ... in a good meaning.

Gustav is not our first dog, we also have Jack Russel Lucky who is 18 years now.

But back to our Entlebuch. After our first visit at Kirchner family we knew that is the right dog for us. I can still remember the words of Mr. Kirchner when he said, that the dog has one disadvantage ... it's a "shadow dog" ... he is everywhere where the family is. Thats 100 per cent correct! And when we fetched Gustav, everything was explained once again, and Kirchners ensured us that we can give them a call in a case of further questions.

At home he felt well after he discovered everything. He also was at dog school and there he was a little "eager beaver", like they told us before. It makes fun to teach this dog something. 
Since we have Gustav, we do barfing. At our first meeting we talked about this with Kirchner familiy, we took the feed and gave it to Lucky. The changing of feeding was no problem for him, he is fit and healthy and his fur is shining really nice. I could report eternally. We are really happy with our wild child! We are happy that we found Kirchner family as a breeder, where we were in good hands.

Greatings, Rainer and Karin Ponater




Dear Mrs. Else,

in January 2012 I got good luck into my house at Bienenbüttel (at Lüneburg) by bringing the small male Entlebuch Lucky. The long travel from Bodenmais up to the North of Germany was no problem for him, he sat piecefully and faithfully between my legs while being driven by my friend. 

Back home he sighted everything nosily and snooped everything, and sat down by my legs, and looked up to me, as if he would like to say: "I like it and now care for me!" From this time I did not smoke even one cigarette, because I did not want him to be affected by my smoke.

Of course every dog owner thinks that his dog is something special, but the Entlebuch is something special indeed, he is incredible eager and able to learn, and you can train him effortlessly with praise and admonition. The well-known "goodies" are absolutely not needed (you even don't train your kids with chocolate). The infamous collateral damages like nibbled shoes and chair legs did not occur, because I had much time and I was able to stop Lucky in his beginnings by a silent but firm "NO".

He knows the difference between his things and mine and the things of the visitors or friends, and they won't be touched by him. But his own toys are dismantled totally by him, and when he finishes, he shows me, and I praise him, because in his eyes he made something great and a difficult task. Of course he only gets "Lucky-resistant" toys (e.g. a leather ball, which lasts for 3 years now, and which is loved intimately). Friends bring now and then small dog toys, on which he can live it up. His favorite activity is to fetch the ball and bring it back to me.

The daily walks with him (8-12 km normally) never get boring, and the keeps me fit, slim and healthy. And sometimes when I am unenthusiastic his unrestrained soulfulness (he jumps and dances) is infecting me, so all of my blues disappears. Here at the countryside he is used to the freedom, he runs most of the time without leash. He can clamor and play with other dogs in the garden, but he has good behavour in the town, in train, in hotel or in restaurants. It seems that he adapts to my behavour in every situation.

The has a bold self-confidence and he is convinced that everybody loves him (what is almost right). And if somebody does not love him enough (like my son), he will be convined patiently by Lucky. He is addicted to my friend who has to travel to America for 1-2 months now and then.The joy of reunion is Hollywood-style: he squeaks like a small pig and jumps and dances around him, so other people stand still and love to view the play.

In two days Lucke will be 5 years, and I am very lucky because I found this lovely and wonderful dog by you!

Yours, Irene Maison




Dear dog foster mom Corinna!

I enjoy thinking about you and say thank you for raising me up during my first life weeks. This is a progress report from my life at Bodensee.

My dog parents are already older, and so I keep them busy. With the dog mom Sabine i always go for a walk, and I am astonished about how silly people react when I greet them. Especially the ravens, these fat birds are my favourite. I switch on turbo mode and Mom-Sabine is astonished about my speed. With dad I do other things, also silly ones, as it shoud be between men. Special goodies often come from him. We men are the majority in the house, but we don't overdo it, because female beings are good for wellness.

Note of the "elder": Diego has his own will, e.g. he only eats if he likes. He likes very good feed generally. Normal meet is good for people, Diego prefers the filet piece. With BARF-feed it was difficult with traveling to France, so we feeded conventionally. He is eating the poultry raw, and fish is a no-go. Liver sausage bread is welcome, first he snuffles if the goodie is good enough. Vegetables, noodles, potatoes: no, this is wishy-washy human food.

Prosecution of Diego: I enjoy being in the garden, but mom Sabine does not like when I grow holes, but this is so funny! Holes can be filled, so where is the problem? Then the elder have finished meal, we sit together at the stove bench, and I spread my grace. In the early morning I wake up dad, then he lays a sheet onto the quilt, and "swoop", I am on it. This hour is a must-be! After getting up my mom calles me into the kitchen, but I don't like breakfast. I am very friendly to all people who come, but I don't know why they do not appreciate my breeziness.

Oh, yes, and dad says, I am a man now! The other day I tracked out wild boars in bushes in France, and I gave a boar a chewing out. But he became aggressive and it seemed to be better for me to go into reverse. When he hunted me, it was enough for me, and I turned around, and barked at him, so he got scared and left. Dad was very proud, but I know by myself, that I am "big and strong".

This must be enough for today, as a team of three we send nice greetings to you!

Kiss and a lick! Your Diego (Bandito, amabile)




Dear Kirchner family,

now, our Leni is almost 8 months old and it is time to say "thank you" for our fantastic dog. Since we came for our new family member on 12-03-2015, boredom does not play a role in our life anymore, because the small entlebuch brought fun, joy and variation into our daily routine. We are very thankful for this faithful, smart and well-behaved dog. With her we can cuddle for hours or spend time in the backyard or doing eventful walks. She would never claim anything because the lovely living in our family is enough for her, but she also is happy about every variation. In short, she is good as gold.

Best greetings from Knaus family!




Dear dog lover,

you are interested in an Entlebuch mountain dog? It was the same in our family. We wanted a dog again, but which one?

The one was too big, the other one too small, the dog should be not long-haired, should be a watch dog and good with kids. So we surfed the internet and found the Entlebuch mountain dog finally.

We were looking for a feeder and found the Kirchner family. After several friendly phone calls we visited them to make our own impressions of dogs and breeders. We weren't disappointed at all. Everything made sense, and we reserved a whelp of the next litter.

Then the time came, and we decided to take a female whelp.

When we saw it at the age of 5 weeks and we would rather take it home, but the Kirchner's are very reaponsible breeders, and we had to wait 3 further weeks.

When picking the whelp up, they explained us everything once more in much details. We had a little "Luna". What a cuddly dog!

We have so much fun with her, and although she is very lively and needs a consistent training people tell us what a neat dog she is.

So we haven't regretted anything and we are very happy with our "Luna".

So have fun with your choice!

Andrea & Bernd




Dear Kirchner family,
Ruth, who is so called because of a good friend of us, has been living with us for 4 months, and we are very happy about our new family member. She has settled very well and she has become a beloved fellow for our dog "Paula" who mourned for the loss of her former fellow. They play together all day. With our experience we wouldn't raise one dog alone anymore.

Indeed there are many untruths about Entlebuch mountain dogs. Nothing of it has become true. We wanted a watch dog which barks to the visitor without beeing aggressive, and which stays at the house, which is uncomplicated and clean in the house. All of this is Ruth. Our dogs go out of the house in the morning and can run freely. We live on a lonesome ranch and we are surrounded by forest. There is much wildlife around us. We could not afford to have a dog which likes to hunt. Ruth never made problems. Sometimes she hunts mices, but never deers or something like this. She barks whenever someone approaches. This is of her jobs, but she does not bark unnecessarely. In the flat she is quiet and with good behaviour.

We had several breeds during the years. All have their own manners. Entlebuchs are easy to feed and they need much movement in order not to get fat. Our Ruth is slim and she is marvellous with her three colors. All of our hopes have come true.

Hermann Marsian



Dear Kirchner family,
about a year ago (Nov. 2008) we contacted you for the first time. Our 13 years old Münsterländ dog "Max" was about to die the next time (this was the opinion of our animal doctor) and so we were looking for a new family member. It should be a whelp. After a long search we came to the Entlebuch mountain dog. Before our "Benno" was born in June 2009, we visited the Kirchner family, and we became acquainted with Benno's family, his mother, his aunts, his father and the whole family. The distance of 500 km was no problem, and so we visited Benno for the first time when he was at the age of three weeks. It was an overwhelming feeling for us!
The 25th of Juli 2009 Benno moved into our home. Our old dog Max, seven cats and our grandma were waiting for him. From the first day Benno felt comfortable and took the home by storm. The visit of a whelp playgroup and a young dog group and further dog trainings was obligatory for us. Benno loves to play and run around with his fellows in the dog school.
Benno is now seven months old and he is a whole man. It is no problem to leave him alone for a few hours, and he loves his old friend Max who got new living power now at the age of 14. Everbody live together in harmony. Benno barks when the doorbell is ringing or when he hears other doors outside or when I need to long for preparing the feed. Although people tell us that Entlebuch mountain dogs would be yappers, this is not true. Benno ist friendly and open-mindet to all people we like too. Against others his behaviour ist neutral. He is fixed to us and he follows our instructions very well. In the night sometimes he sleeps with us in our bed and it is the best to get awaked by his smooth kisses. Benno is our whole luck!

Due to the fact that Entlebuch mountain dogs are rare in Nordhessen, we decided in December 2009 to participate in a dog show. The presentation was very successfully and the jury was overwhelmed, and the award was very near, but then the jury found that Benno was member of another breeders' association and it was not allowed for him to participate in this contest. The jury was totally ashamed and they offered us to change to their association and give us back the entry fee, but we refused. So now the words "promised 1st winner" is written into his vaccination card. We only wanted to confirm the beautiness of our dog, this was totally enough for us and we drove home very proudly. It was also a confirmation for Else Kirchner how beautiful their dogs are.

Benno is a magnificent dog with a wonderful character. We were looking forward to this dog and he is a lovely and uncomprimising companion. We are sure that we will have several wonderfuls years together with him and we can recommend this breed alsolutely. For us there is no better dog!

Gaby und Michael Schran



We came to the Entlebucher mountain dog 2 years ago, when we were looking for a Bern mountain dog. My grandpa had a very friendly Bern mountain dog several years ago.

We decided not to take a Bern mountain dog because this breed ist too big and it is long-haired. Then we were looking for a middle-sized dog and came to the Entlebuch mountain dog, which is short-haired. We wanted to find something about the character. We liked the fact that Entlebuch is more active, because we are a family with two kids who like to play with the dog.

Finally after many years we fetched a Entlebuch mountain dog from the Switzerland. Now we have our "Astra" and she is our favorite dog. When she is inside, she is totally calm and cuddly. Outside we can play very well, she is obediently, clingy and learns quickly. We are totally enthusiastic about this breed!
Köllner family



My name is "Bruno" and I am a "love child". I was born together with six silblings in May 2001, it was stressful for our Mom „Hana – Nette vom Zellertal". When we were twelve weeks old, it was time to go and I choosed my mistress and her family.
I liked her very much during her former visits, so I tried to draw her attention to myself. I wanted to share my dog-life with her.
My new pack promised me to care about me. I had a wonderful time as a whelp and a young dog. Of course I was in a dog-school, where I had to improve what I have learned. I won a award because of my obedience and my family was very proud of me. At the dog training course I was interested in learning new things. I passed several tests as an assistance dog. I am really no layabout, and we have much fun together.
Today I work as a "soul-comforter" in a retirement home with dementia patients. My character is herefor very helpful. All of my tricks which I show to the old people bring a little variety in their lifes. Every week we go to the retirement home and walk along with the old people. I am used to go beside the wheel-chair and adapt to the needs of the seniors.
In my family I follow like a shade. Where they are, there I am, too. I am a constant fellow of my family. No matter what they do, I do everything with them. Going by car or bus, train or ships is no problem, I already went by ropeway.
I feel good when I am with them. And my mistress says, a holidy without me would not be a holiday! And the barking? Of course I bark, but not more or less than other dogs. I bark when the postman rings or other visitors - like all other dogs. I love my family and I like to get old with them.

Dear Mrs. Kirchner, my mother is 12 years old now, and is very healthy. I tell you about me as a family dog, because of many negative reports about us. When we dogs have the right end of the leash, means people who satisfy our needs, we will have a good status in our society.
Many greetings form

Bruno and mistress Petra



Dear Kirchner family,

our little "Pedro" is now four months old an we would like to thank you so much for this lovely, obedient and kind hearted dog!

Pedro is for our family a real enrichment, because all of us have so much fun with him.
Every morning Pedro and I walk along at the Isarauen for two hours, and he jumps into the water and dives after stones, wherever he can. Although he has not went to dog-school yet, he can do the commands, sit, stay, come, at the foot and let's go. When he hears "let's go" he knows that this is going by car and this he loves!
I have never seen before a more teachable dog! Dog training is very easy with him, but you have to be consistent.
Actually we wanted to buy Pedro in order to train him to tell low blood sugar level at our 4 years old child Nikolas, who suffers from diabetes. We trained every day and two weeks a go he reported a low blood sugar level for the first time. Of course Pedro is not reliable yet, but I am very hopeful, that he is in half a year.
I've heard him barking for about ten times last two months. When he meets other dogs, he checks out the situation. When it is okay, he slowly contacts the other dog.

When he meets the sleeping cat of our neighbour, he sits down quietly in front of her and waites for her wake-up, in order to play with her. A Entlebuch mountain dog knows how to behave! The cat seems to get a shock when she opens her eyes and Pedro is sitting in front of her.

If I had the space I would buy more Entlebuch mountain dogs, because I totally lost my heart to this breed!
Verena Gilch




Hi all, here's Nina!

I'm a happy female Entlebuch dog, born in Unterried at Kirchner family, yes my name is "Nina vom Zellertal". Now I live in Coburg and I have my own garden where I am the boss. Good to know for you: I am not curruptible, you have no chance, and I am suspicious of anybody. When I know you well then you stay my friend forever.

I have had a good time in Unterried, and I am proud to be an Entlebuch. I dont know why, but everyone admires me. Maybe because I am learning very quickly? Yes, clearly, I am just 4 months old, but I love my job as a guardian. I have no problems with meals, I can eat everything and I am not sensitive. I became housetrained very quick. I look at the door and I am out. I am very nosy and like to play with any other dogs. Cats do not interest me, but I like to hide socks. 

Once again thanks to Kirchner family for enabling a wonderful life to me!




... and then came Lucy
Dear Else, dear Corinna,
on March 22, 2017 happiness and joy came into our home and our lives.

Fortunately, we found Lucy after our 13-year-old Jack Russell dachshund had passed away 11 months earlier.

Actually, we (my grown-up son Mario and I) just wanted to look at the Entlebuch girl, but when we saw her and she greeted us so happily, my heart opened up. I still carry this unique, indescribable feeling of happiness within me when I look back.

It was the best decision! We love our Lucy more than anything - she is the heart and center of our family. I would never have thought before that there would be such a wonderful and beautiful dog.

Our "mouse" delights us day after day. We still enjoy her wonderful character: No barking, no demanding, she doesn't break anything.
Instead, she loves to just be with us, long pats and cuddles on the couch or in the winter garden. She observes us attentively and comes immediately if you look at her nicely, usually with a toy. She is cuddly and hugs us very closely, but also likes distance from time to time - but she always keeps an eye on us. She follows us every step of the way, is very curious, but never intrusive.

They enjoy long hikes, including abroad. She likes to drive a car, she is also there in the bicycle trailer, and runs great next to the bike. She climbs in gondolas, crosses narrow bridges. Everything I show her, she does. Doesn't know fear. She looks forward to all dogs she meets, submits beforehand, even with the little ones, but then great joy is always announced. Logan, a husky of the same age that she met at puppy school, is her great love. Indescribable scenes at the meeting, full of love and smack - just beautiful! Even after a year off, she recognized him immediately. The joy was huge.

Lucy stays home alone for hours. She sleeps in my bed and that's where she goes as soon as I tell her that "Mama" goes to work or shop. She needs a lot of rest and sleep, but is also immediately ready for a walk, a game, or a run with "Papa". Sometimes she prefers to stay with me at home and sadly my husband then has to jog alone.
She doesn't like very heat, but loves to run along the Danube, where she can cool off in the water at any time.
She only likes to swim if a “friend” shows her how to do it, otherwise it is enough for her to go into the water up to her stomach. We don't force them to do anything, just let them be dogs, even though we consider them our “third child”. We almost always orient our leisure time and our lives according to Lucy because she is so precious to us. However, only dog ​​lovers can understand that.

We like to overlook their “little mistakes”. Such as. Every now and then dig a hole in the garden, pluck my raspberries, or in between jumping up to certain people in the house for sheer joy. I know it's our fault, you could wean her off everything, but we'll let her enjoy it.

We are overjoyed to have our Lucy, she enriches our family life, brings us so much fun and joy, my constant companion and sunshine, she is a gift.

She loves us all very much too, greeting us at any time of the day or night when we come home.
She freaks out when our eldest son drops in at home. She jumps, turns in circles and sings for joy.

Lucy not only loves her family, she can also look forward to other house guests. And everyone likes them.

No one approaching our house is barked at. She only guards the back garden from strangers. She also protects me on the Danube with deep barks. But as soon as I give my ok, she stops barking. Just a great dog !!!

I can warmly recommend the Entlebuch Mountain Dog to everyone who is looking for a lovable, intelligent and good family dog, who doesn’t doggy, looks beautiful and dear.
For us the perfect dog, because she doesn't ask anything, but is always ready to go. There are just days when you cannot go for a walk due to illness or time. She doesn't mind either, then she just goes into the big garden. It's so uncomplicated and that's why we love it.

Dear Else, dear Corinna, we say thank you very much for entrusting us with Lucy. We will always take care and make sure that she has a beautiful, loving home with us.


Rita Holzbauer, with Siegi, Mario, Manuel and Lucy from Michaelsbuch