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Breed Standard

Entlebuch mountain dog - the temperamental Swiss


The Entlebuch mountain dog is the smallest of the four mountain dogs (Bern, greater Swiss, Appenzell). He comes from Entlebuch, a valley in the area of the cantons Luzern and Bern. The first description of the name "Entlebuch mountain dog" is dated 1889, but long times after that the Appenzell and the Entlebuch mountain dog have not been differentiated. Since 1926 it is an own breed, officially.
Beside the inherent property as a lively and untireing shepherd, his excellent suitability as a working dog have been discovered and improved. He is an incorruptible watch-, guard-, companion-, rescue- and therapy-dog. Nowadays this breed is becoming increasingly popular as a family dog.

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It is a almost mid-size, compact dog with a slightly extended length, with a straight back, with round and closed paws. The height at withers of a male dog is about 50 cm, female dogs are about 5 cm lower. His head has a flat parting, his ears are high positioned, worn tightely and rounded at the bottom. His fur is short, shiny and close-fitting, therefore there's no need for much care. The tree-colored fur (black, brown and white) is the typical characteristic of all Swiss mountain dogs, like the Entlebuch. Falsely people recognize him as a crossbreed because of his fur markings. Despite his small size he can suffer from dysplasia of the hip joint (HD), and eye disorders. For professional breeders this is an absolute criteria for exclusion. 

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The family dog

The Entlebuch is not a big one, but he's a he-man. And so is his behaviour: inside the house he is calm and relaxed. He alignes hisself and, learns quickly and protects everybody who belongs to his pack. For children and other pets he is a patient fellow, who takes part in everything and who does not take amiss anything. Everything creeping and crawling is under his protection. He is not a hunter, he is a warden - and always on duty.
Against strangers he shows his guardian instinct. He compensates his size with his temperament. He can differ very well between yours and mine, and he stays beside "his" man, no matter what comes.
A kennel is not good for him, he needs family contact. He wants to belong to the family, and he wants to be involved everywhere. And he wants to be challenged. What the small Swiss needs are people who have time and a place for him, and who are active, too. And people who accept him as a partner, helper and guardian. He needs at least one beside him as a fellow - no matter man or animal - who takes part of his activities and who is strong enough to stand the 30 kilo powerhouse.

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Everything you need for education is loving consequence, from the beginning. The Entlebuch needs much complements and attention. They are late developers and are adult at the age of two years. You should take much time and be patiently. But they have a quick perception and learn how to abuse the weakness of the master or mistress, if they let them do so. Now and then Entlebuchs have the reputation as a yapper, but this is a signal of a not-appropriate education or mental and physic underload.