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The Norwegian Fjord Horse, also known as the Fjord Horse or Norwegian, is one of the oldest and purest horse breeds in the world. These horses originate from Norway and are known for their robust constitution, friendliness and versatility. Here are some characteristic features of the Fjord horse:


Origin and history

Origin: Norway

History: The Fjord Horse has a long history dating back to Viking times. It has been bred in Norway for over 2000 years and played a central role in agriculture and transportation.



Size: Fjord horses are medium-sized and have a shoulder height of around 135 to 150 cm.

Weight: They usually weigh between 400 and 500 kg.

Build: They have a compact, strong build with strong muscles, a broad back and strong legs.

Head: The head is relatively small and harmoniously proportioned with large, expressive eyes.

Mane: Characteristic of the Fjord horse is its two-tone mane. This is often cut short so that the dark midline and light sides are shown to their best advantage.


Coat colors

The coat color of the Fjord horse is almost always dun (a light, sandy color), although there are five recognized shades: Brown dun, red dun, gray dun, yellow dun and white dun.
They often have primitive markings such as eel lines and zebra stripes on their legs.


Temperament and characteristics

Temperament: Fjord horses are known for their gentle, friendly and patient nature. They are intelligent and learn quickly, which makes them excellent working horses.

Versatility: These horses are very versatile. They are used in agriculture, riding, driving and even therapy.

Robustness: Fjord horses are extremely robust and resistant to harsh climatic conditions. They have a long life expectancy and often remain healthy and able to work well into old age.


Leisure and sport: Fjord horses are popular leisure horses and are used in equestrian sports, especially dressage and driving.

Working horses: Due to their strength and endurance, they are also excellent workhorses in agriculture and forestry.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is a valued horse breed worldwide due to its unique characteristics and rich history.